We're taking a short break but will be back soon!


It has been a difficult few months starting Luxury Lotto as a new venture. We started with the sole purpose of giving back to those in need and supporting local and national charities. To date, we have given away large sums of money to our winners, and to the charities, we’ve decided to support which is fantastic!


However, we have made the decision to take some time to readdress the best ways in which we can provide support to worthwhile causes. We love giving back, but we need to make sure that we are giving back in the right way.


With this in mind, we’re sad to inform you that we will be taking a short break to restructure the business and hopefully create a stronger brand that will be able to give back more than ever in the future.

In light of this break, our weekly giveaway will also be paused starting immediately. We’re incredibly sad to have to take a break but we all feel it will be helpful in the long run.


Additionally, the three current competitions on the website have been suspended and we will be issuing refunds for all tickets purchased for the Greek Holiday, Fashion Event Experience, and Shopping Trip as soon as possible.


We apologise for any inconvenience but would like to thank you for your support so far. We will be back. We will be back stronger and better! We will be able to give more to worthwhile causes and hope that you will all join us when we open our doors once again.

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